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“Family and friends have noticed my improved health. I am living proof of how acupuncture can heal. Jake Wilcox has been a blessing to me. He has been attentive, good listener, patient and caring. He has treated my very weak lungs, respiratory system and sinus and allergy problems. No more headaches, facial and eye pain, and I am slowly regaining my sense of smell and taste. My experience with Jake has been wonderful. Great to feel good, be in good health, and have ambition again. And no more meds! Thank you for the excellent care, Jake!” ~ Female, Age 73

“Knee pain started in 1997 and was always severe. I was prescribed heavy drugs to use daily. The head of vascular surgery at the hospital recommended removing the right leg above the knee to remove the pain. I declined. I tried medical doctors, physical therapists, 5 surgeries – the pain was always still there. With acupuncture the pain is mostly gone and use of my knee is much better. I’m off 90% of the prescription pain medication. Completely satisfied.” ~ Male, Age 70

“When I started training for a triathlon about a year ago, my throat would tighten up and I would start to wheeze. I did a race in early June and had the worst wheezing yet – bad enough to plant the idea of quitting racing in my mind. After a series of treatments with Jake, I was in another race recently and there was no wheezing or breathing trouble at all, even when I was really pushing myself. I have been extremely pleased with the results of my treatments, for the asthma and for other issues I’ve been treated for.” ~ Female, Age 43

“I’ve had lower back pain on and off for years. It was chronic and bad enough to inhibit my efforts to exercise. In the past, I had been treated medically and by physical therapy, chiropractic and massage. I would get intermittent relief but not long lasting and it took a long time and many treatments. With acupuncture I experienced some moderate relief immediately which translated into steady, gradual improvement in four visits. I also benefitted from the sensation of relaxation with the treatments. I have a very high level of satisfaction and have been able to continue to exercise to sustain muscle strength and wellbeing.” ~ Female, Age 51

“I had great success with Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts herbal tinctures. I had been suffering from joint pain in my hands and wrists, and as a potter this was hindering my ability to work. I also had a large, painful ganglion cyst that had been on my left wrist for about two months when I started taking the herbs. The cyst cleared within three days of taking the tincture and my general pain was alleviated greatly through taking the herbs. I am now able to continue working with my hands and take the tincture when I start to feel the pain coming on again.” ~ Female, Age 33

“I started getting migraine headaches in my 20’s. By the end of last year I was having them almost every week. With acupuncture, I get headaches much less often and they are mild. Jake has given me many options to try and I have not taken any prescribed medication yet this year (2009). Jake has shown me a new level of health management. It is an eye opener to discover that Chinese Medicine can cure and not just cover an illness” ~ Female, Age 58

"Jake's tinctures have prolonged the benefits of the treatments I receive from him. The supplement has helped me stay calm in the face of stressful day to day events." ~ Female, Age 38

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