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At Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts we believe each patient is unique and see everyone who enters our clinic not as an illness, but rather a person with individual characteristics moving toward health. We believe that it is our job to “walk” with our patients on their healing journey – co-creating with you a state of health.


What is Classical Acupuncture and what makes it more effective?

Classical Acupuncture is a rare and specialized style of acupuncture that is known to produce more effective results in simple to complex cases, especially in the treatment of chronic degenerative illness.

Utilizes 60 additional Meridians and 4 additional Meridian Systems compared to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Requires specialized training in needling techniques.

A history and lineage that expands 1,800 years.

A complete healing system that treats disease on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

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Santa Fe Acupuncture Bulk Herbal Apothecary

Chinese Herbology is a complete healing system unto itself.  We specialize in Chinese Herbolgy and have a full herbal apothecary that allows us to utilize this powerful healing modality in many ways to benefit you.

Over 200 loose bulk herbs for custom formulas and herbal decoctions.

Custom topical herbal preparations - plasters, salves, soaks and compounds.

We developed our own line of proprietary Chinese herbal tinctures to improve bio-availability and effectiveness

Full array of patent medicines.

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