Chinese Herbal Apothecary

Chinese herbal dispensary offering internal and external herbal preparations in a variety of forms.

Our Apothecary offers:

Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts is proud to offer the highest quality Chinese Herbal tinctures. The tinctures are produced in small batches using time-intensive techniques to ensure a highly potent and optimally effective herbal product. They are cold pressed to protect the volatile, aromatic oils that may be harmed by other herbal production techniques. Additionally, our full spectrum tinctures are processed in either purified water, alcohol, honey (or a combination of those ingredients) to maximize extraction of the plant’s constitutes with the traditional principles intact.  Our tinctures are produce here in Santa Fe.


Advantages to Tinctures:  higher bio-availability, easy assimilation, fast working, greater dosage control, and full-spectrum extractions.

Chinese herbal tinctures made by Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal clinic, in Santa Fe, NM

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Loose Bulk Herbs

We have a dispensary of over 200 loose bulk Chinese herbs of the highest quality.  We specialize in customizing herbal prescriptions created precisely to meet your constitution, underlying imbalances and symptoms.


Herbal Consultations offered by appointment

We will develop and formulate the precise remedy for your condition by combining herbs in specific ratios for a formula tailored just for you.


Herbal classes and community education workshops offered

throughout the year.

The Chinese herbal apothecary used by DOM at Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Clinic, in Santa Fe, NM.

Topical Herbal Products

Oriental Medicine has a long, effective history of applying herbal medicine in a variety of preparations directly on the skin to treat the affected area.  This direct application allows the medicine to be absorbed into the damaged soft tissue thus speeding up the healing process and reducing complications.


We Carry the Following Topical Preparations*Soaks, Poultices / Pastes, Liniments, Medical Oils, Ointments, Salves and Plasters.  These can be used to treat dermatological issues, burns, sprains, genital issues, or to aid in mending bones and to clear inflammation.

*Many are formulated on an individual basis

The Chinese herbal apothecary used by DOM at Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Clinic, in Santa Fe, NM.