Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts


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Bai He Gu Jin Jiu 

for dry cough due to lung yin deficiency
ActionsNourish yin, moisten lungs dryness, transform phlegm, stop cough.



Bao He Jiu        

for general digestive disorders

ActionsReduce food stagnation, harmonize stomach



Cang Er Zi Jiu

for nasal and sinus congestion

ActionsDisperse wind, alleviate pain, unblock nose.



Er Chen Jiu    

   for phlegm due to spleen qi deficiency

ActionsDry dampness, transform phlegm, harmonize middle jiao.


Guang Hui Pi Jiu     

   for acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

ActionsDrain damp-heat, detoxify, cool the blood, benefit the skin.



Huang Lian Jie Du Jiu    

    for draining fire, relieving toxicity

ActionsDrain fire, relieve toxicity.



Jia Wei Xiao Yao Jiu 

for stress, irritability, and restlessness

ActionsSpread liver qi, strengthen spleen, nourish blood, clear heat.


Jian Fei Jiu      

for obesity, food stagnation and phlegm

Actions:  Drain dampness, move qi and blood, relieve food stagnation, move bowels, regulate appetite, adjust metabolism



Ju Hua Jiu 

for high blood pressure, headaches

ActionsCalm liver, extinguish wind, clear heat, lower blood pressure



Long Dan Xie Gan Jiu      

for draining liver fire and damp-heat

Actions:  Drain liver and gallbladder’s excess fire, clear and drain lower jiao, damp-heat.



Ping Wei Jiu    

  for abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue

ActionsDry dampness, improve spleen function, promote movement of qi, harmonize stomach.



Ren Shen Ge Jie Jiu 

for asthma, bronchitis, emphysema

Actions: Tonify qi, clear heat, transform phlegm, stop cough and wheezing.



Sheng Mai Jiu  

for tonifying lung qi and yin

Actions: Tonify lung qi and yin, tonify heart qi and yin, stop sweating.



Shu Gan Li Pi Jiu   

  for liver qi stagnation overacting on the stomach

Actions:  Spread liver qi, regulate spleen, nourish and invigorate



Si Jun Zi Jiu      

for tonifying spleen qi

Actions:  Tonify qi, strengthen spleen.



Si Miao Jiu    

     for atrophy, numbness in the lower

ActionsClear heat, dry dampness.



Si Wu Jiu 

for nourishing blood

Actions:  Tonify blood, regulate liver.



Su Zi Jiang Qi Jiu     

  for coughing, wheezing with phlegm

ActionsDirect rebellious qi down, arrest wheezing, stop cough, warm and transform phlegm-cold.



Suan Zao Ren Jiu

for insomnia and calming the spirit

ActionsNourish blood, calm spirit, clear heat, eliminate irritability.



Tian Ma Gou Teng Jiu      

  for calming liver yang, extinguishing wind

Actions:  Calm liver, extinguish wind, clear heat, invigorate blood, tonify liver and kidney yin.



Tian Wang Bu Xin Jiu  

     for anxiety, palpitations, insomnia

Actions:  Enrich yin, nourish blood, tonify heart, calm the spirit.



Tieh Ta Jiu        

for pain and traumatic injury

ActionsInvigorate blood, dispel blood stasis, unblock collaterals, alleviate pain.



Wen Dan Jiu     

for GB and stomach disharmony with phlegm

Actions:  Regulate qi, transform phlegm, clear gallbladder, harmonize stomach.



Wu Ling Jiu     

for edema, urinary difficulties, and dampness

ActionsUnblock yang, strengthen spleen, promote urination.



Xue Fu Zhu Yu Jiu    

  for invigorating blood, unblocking channels

Actions:  Invigorate blood, dispel stasis, spread liver qi, unblock channels.



Yin Qiao Jiu    

for onset of colds with a sore throat

ActionsExpel wind-heat, release exterior, clear heat, relieve toxicity.



Yin Qiao Ma Bo Jiu

for sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis

ActionsClear heat, relieve toxicity, drain heat from lungs.



You Gui Jiu

for cold due to kidney yang deficiency

Actions:  Warm and tonify kidney yang, replenish essence, tonify blood.



Yu Ping Feng Jiu

for low immunity, allergies, reoccurring colds

ActionsAugment qi, stabilize exterior, stop sweating.



Zhi Bai Di Huang Jiu

for hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia

ActionsEnrich yin, nourish kidney, drain empty fire.